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Globaltality Holdings SPACiE joins hands with the psychological counseling platform Yidianling to launch a campaign to care for the mental health of working people


BEIJING, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “ Anti-emo challenge, one-week tracking”, jointly launched by Globaltality Holdings SPACiE and domestic well-known online psychological counseling platform Yidianling Official opening today. At present, under the influence of a high-pressure society and the covid-19 epidemic, working people encounter mental health problems more and more commonly. ” Anti-emo challenge, one-week tracking” aims to invite professionals to record the beautiful little moments in daily life by taking pictures and sharing them to accumulate positive energy, avoid negative emotions, and improve mental health index. The event will run until March 23.

To encourage working people to explore happiness together, Globaltality Holdings SPACiE Co-working specially invited Yidianling, a leading platform in the field of mental health, to cooperate with this event of “Anti-emo Challenge, Anti-emo challenge, one-week tracking”. Anyone who signs up can get free professional mental health assessment and counseling services provided by Yidianling. In addition, users who participate in the hashtag #Globaltality Holdings one-week tracking# created by Globaltality Holdings SPACiE on the TikTok for 5 consecutive days, can draw a lottery (winning a mobile phone or Polaroid).

“ Anti-emo challenge, one-week tracking”event poster

 For more details of the event: 1. Follow the official WeChat account [Globaltality Holdings SPACiE], read the event articles, 2.Follow the official TikTok account [Globaltality Holdings SPACiE Co-working] to view the promotional video of the event.

At the same time, Globaltality Holdings SPACiE co-working and Yidianling psychological consultation platform also took advantage of this cooperation to provide long-term psychological examination services for enterprises that settled in the Globaltality Holdings SPACiE buildings. Taking the prevention and counseling of workplace psychological problems as a normal service content, allows enterprises to better deal with the talent management of employees’ psychological risks, and better escorts business owners and employees.

For a long time, the business services provided by the co-working industry to enterprises are known for being diversified and comprehensive, but the supporting facilities that benefit the users of the space, the employees of the enterprises, are relatively lacking. Globaltality Holdings SPACiE Co-working Office will continue to deepen the refined services provided by itself, so that members of Globaltality Holdings SPACiE, from enterprises to employees, can receive all-around support and help.

About Yidianling
Yidianling psychological service platform was established in August 2015 and is affiliated with Hangzhou Daihu Information Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the concept of “professionalism, caring, and sincere service”, it is committed to creating a benchmark in the field of Internet psychological services, providing customers with Professional and reliable psychological services. At present, Yidianling has brought together 30,000 professional psychological consultants, and 25 million registered users and has completed 300 million minutes of consulting. Yidianling has provided 3 million+ users and families with customized, multi-level service systems such as online psychological consulting, instant talk, psychological courses and tests, psychological counseling, and companionship.

Yidianling official websitewww.YDL.com

About Globaltality Holding SPACiE

Globaltality Holding Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a co-working brand established by Globaltality Holding Group in 2017. It pursues the group’s core spirit of “optimizing space and creating value”. Globaltality Holding SPACiE focuses on providing different and detailed operation services for enterprises; further empowers users with space design, detailed services, IT services to improve productivity and comfort in office scenarios to allow all enterprises and entrepreneurs to easily settle in with their bags and focus on their own value.


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