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Coworking space Q&A

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide express delivery service?

The professional front desk will handle it for you, and you only need to pay the courier fee.

I often need to work on weekends, is it available?

No problem! Each space of Chenglv SPACiE has a 24-hour access control system, so you can enter the office at any time with your personal access card. Front desk staff working hours: 09:00-18:00 (Monday to Friday).

What are the free services in the coworking space?

High-speed Internet, whether it is in independent offices or public areas. Free tea, water, imported coffee and some refreshments are also provided free of charge.

How is the event venue priced?

We provides different types of event space for rental, it’s best for exhibitions, trainings, seminars, and corporate parties.  It can accommodate about 100-120 people. For detailed fees, please consult the manager of each center, or through service@spacie.cn.

Environment and Service

What is a coworking space or business center?

Multiple companies share the office space, front desk service and business service. However, sharing does not mean that the service is compromised. Each company still has a completely private compartment and is equipped with office chairs and lockable stationery cabinets.  When you need personal phone privacy, you can go to the phone booth in the shared space to get your personal quiet and privacy.

What facilities and services do we provide?

Public facilities include: front desk, meeting room, tea and water rest area, large and small terraces, office equipment area, etc.  Independent office includes: desk, chair, office equipment, stationery cabinet, independent broadband, air conditioning control, optional telephone.  Services include: front desk service, telephone answering, customer reception, mail sending and receiving, network maintenance, cleaning, etc.  We also provides advanced services such as industrial and commercial registration, financial accounting, tax declaration and follow-up.

Who is suitable to choose such service?

At present, our customers range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational companies. Due to the flexible lease period, it is suitable for small companies to increase or decrease office space at any time, and owing to the professional reception and environment, it can increase the high-end image for companies.  Temporary projects or branch establishments of enterprises, and even business cooperation are very welcome.

What kind of team size could work in coworking space?

We provide solutions for any team size, if there is a special need, you may contact us directly for customized processing.

Which services need to be paid for?

The cost mainly consists of three parts:
1. Workplace rent: including seat usage, taxes, office equipment usage, basic bandwidth, air conditioning, water and electricity, tea, cleaning, reception and other services.
2. Value-added service fees: telephone, extra broadband, business registration, recruitment and related setup fees.
3. Rental fee for conference rooms and public areas: the use of exclusive facilities for events or meetings requires cleaning and management fees.
(The above 2 and 3 expenses are optional)

How long is the basic rental lease term?

In principle, the leasing service of us is based on a “month” unit, long-term leasing is welcome, and special discounts are available.



Use of personal equipment

Generally speaking, you can work right away as long as you bring your computer with you. We provide printers, scanners, fax machines and other equipment. At the same time, a complete business package is also available. You don’t need to worry about preparing additional equipment, and you can check in with your bag and enjoy the most comfortable environment.  Our space is equipped with capacity-increasing treatment to provide 25% more backup power for each room. If high-current electrical appliances cause safety concerns for the space, we will coordinate with you.

Broadband use

Private office provides independent network broadband and reserves the bandwidth for the corresponding users.  If you have special network requirements, you can contact us to make appropriate adjustments. The bandwidth in the public area is shared by everyone. If it is found that someone has overused it and affects the rights of others, we will lock down that person’s network connection.

Use of public areas and terraces

When you use the tea area and terrace in each space, please keep your ethics and don’t cause troubles to others. Game behavior is strictly prohibited in the center. Cleanliness requires everyone’s maintenance.