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Space X Chenglv = Value+ 

“Space” connects people, companies and works.

Brand Spirit

Sharing 空间共享

Packaging 空间美化

Application 空间应用

Combination 空间整合

Imagination 空间想像

Empowered 空间赋能

Users are first priority

The real value of a “space” is not itself, but comes from the things that happened in the space.

A cozy home do not need luxurious interiors, but caring family members; unforgettable restaurants do not have the most high-end environment, but an addictive taste.


Our Background

Chenglv SPACiE is affiliated to Chenglv Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Globaltality Holdings and one of the five business unit under Globaltality Holdings .

Globaltality Holdings mainly focus on the market of Mainland China and Taiwan, and has been deeply involved in hotel, property and asset management for many years. In the future, SPACiE will offer greater value to our client.

Space is an invisible catalyst,

silently empowering each user.

Our Subsidiary Company