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Coworking Space

SPACE x Chenglv= Value+

Shanghai|Hong Qiao

Professional, high-end business style

Beijing|Guang Hua

Balanced Design working space

Shanghai|Jing An

Modern and actistic interior design

Brand Characteristic

Combined meticulous hotel operation style and mature property management experience, Chenglv SPACiE handles trivia and let you focus on your core value!

Taiwan Invested

Lively and humanized corporate culture with sound financial footing.

Owner's own

The spaces we manage were our own asset, which bring about stalbe operation.

Hotel Heritage

With 11 years hotel operation experience, we provide intimate service in SPACiE.

Property Management

We offer you a high efficiency and systematic operation style.

Find the best solution for your Office

We provide different solution for any team size and different budget

Private Office

An office specially designed for your brand, suitable for any team size.  Move-in-ready!


・For teams of any size
・Dedicated WIFI, A/C control
・Personal desk, chair, cabinet
・Hotel-level sound insulation

Dedicated Desk

A desk that’s only reserved for you.  The go-to choice for small businesses and start-ups.


・For teams of 1-30 people
・Sharing WIFI, A/C control
・Personal desk, chair, cabinet
・Balance of privacy & flexibility

Hot Desk

The most flexible workspace. Choose any open seat and have access to all the facilities.


・For teams of 1-10 people
・Sharing WIFI, A/C control
・Guaranteed seats
・Low cost enjoy various service

+Business Service

From routine work to professional IT service


Receiving & dispatching parcels, purchasing equipment, dedicated secretary… etc.


Assistance in registering business addresses, industrial license, food circulation permition… etc.


Referral reliable third-party service in multiple fields: finance, law, HR… etc.

IT Support

Including system testing, computer reinstallation, software & hardware debugging… etc.

The go-to choice for team’s of any size.

 Leave tedious task to us, stay focus on core value.

+Bonus Service

A place not only making living, but also enjoying a life

Chenglv Library

Update books regularly

Afternoon Tea

2 to 3 times a week 


A free-stay in our hotel

Referral Bonus

Recommend us to others

+Best Locations

The place you settled determines the resource you could reach

SHA · Hong Qiao

Center of Hong Qiao CBD

SHA · Jing An

Core Area of Business District

BJ · Guang Hua

Heart of Beijing CBD

+Work Global

Offsite business trip, office, more convenient

Service upgrade

Chenglv coworking space provides your enterprise with more diversified office choices and rich community resources. Here, you can make friends with the same interests, enjoy the welfare of daily office life, harvest rich internal advertising resources, connect more business development opportunities.

+Member’s Story in SPACiE

We’re committed to offering them total solution to work effectively with pleasure

From startup to mature enterprise,

SPACiE helps you grow!