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GH’s “Photography Imagination Contest” concluded successfully Relieve workplace anxiety and capture beautiful moments


GH SPACiE participates in the water purification project to let rural children drink healthy water

March 22, 2023 is the 31st World Water Day. GH Group has always paid attention to the safety of public drinking water and insisted on providing drinking water that is suitable for human health for employees and customers of its various business units.

GH COWORKING SPACiE joins hands with E-moment English to launch “2gether double self-study seat”, so you will not be alone on the way of learning

On Valentine’s Day 2023, GH COWORKING SPACiE joint office teamed up with E-moment English, an English learning platform that combines online courses with Chinese and foreign teachers, to launch the “2gether double self-study seat”, allowing the hard-working people to enjoy preferential and comfortable self-study environment and warm service package with their lovers in Beijing and Shanghai.